Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Illustration Friday: Gravity

Galileo and Sir Isaac Newton perform a Gravity experiment off the leaning tower of pisa (not shown).
In the audience are Marie Curie, Sigmund Freud, Benjamin Franklin, Niels Bohr, Aristotle (center), Einstein, Bill Nye, and Charles Darwin.

You may be wondering why I would include Bill Nye. Well... I had to include Bill Nye... I mean... He's THE Science Guy. And doesn't it seem like an experiment he would do on his show. Except he'd use a bowling ball instead of an Iron shot put.
I almost put Bunson and Beaker from the muppets also, but I thought that would be too much.

The only question is which will land first the 12 pound shot put, or the apple? Do you know your gravity? :)


Brine Blank said...

In a vacuum they would hit at the same time if I remember my physics completely lost my support when you admitted you purposely left out Bunson and Beaker...which could very well have more credibility than some on the list...not to mention I like the style and would like to see the duo in such and artistic manner.

tinklemeyer said...

Ummm...the apple? hee hee. It's a very cool one. I like it with just the black background instead of gray. Also (remember I'm not very smart) but the shot put looked like a glass beaker to me...I'm not sure why. Anyway! You did a really great job on this and everyone is recognizable. Good one! I can't wait to see it with the tower in it.