Monday, January 08, 2007

What the H?

Okay. So I just added links to all the blogs of my Digital Illustration classmates. And most of them have a link back to my blog. But, for some reason, they all put my name down as David H. Heck if I know where the "H" comes from. Not even my middle initial is "H". Maybe I spelled my last name for someone and they didn't hear the "T"--which is my true last initial. Then that person told the rest of the class my name was David H. So, if I'm this "David H." I guess that would mean my last name is Heriault. Or maybe the "H" is for "Hot"... cause I'm too hot to handle. tssssssss.... sizzle... oh ya baby. David H is off the H-izz-ook. The H-Dog is in the H-izz-ouse.
David H

More H-tastic H-iness:
arry has hasty hares hopping happily here. Hop, happy hares, hop!
Hopefully, Harry's hares haven't had heavy hypnosis. However, hypnosis has hidden harrowings, hence hares hate having hypnosis. Harry hasn't hypnotized his hares. He, however, hallows his hares--holding his hares high. Harry "heart"s his hares. (get it? cause a heart is a symbol for "love") :) Anyway....

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JTart said...

Hey thanks for the comment David! I love painting, so for sure I'm gonna stick with that!